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VoIP Mobile Phones

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A market research by In-Stat predicts that the demand for WiFi phones which can do VoIP calls as well will increase as more and more operators try to attract users with unlimited data plans over their 3G networks. Nokia has already embraced this and launched WiFi capable phones of their own. It has also demonstrated the UMA technology which offers seamless handover of VoIP calls to a GSM/GPRS network. Skype already has installers for Pocket PC and GTalk can be used on Blackberry.

The Telecom Operators have been wary of Skype like services which offer free voice calls. The voice revenues are already plunging and the airtime rates are at rock bottom. Giving users options to use free VoIP calls over their own networks would further hurt the voice revenues. The Telco's have fiercely portected the walled gardens of their networks. But with demand for such services increasing it would take only one operator to break the taboo.

Is this the begining of the end?

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posted by Rajiv, 11:41 AM


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