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The Wrong Question

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Independent has a feature examining the imapct of multi technology handsets on the huge 3G investments by Telco's. The handset markets in Europe and North America has reached a saturation point. Its becoming increasingly difficult for phone manufacturers to attract customers to their offerings. They have gone consumer centric and are building support for rival technologies to 3G into the phones itself.

This compounds the problem of the Operators. The 3G adoption is increasing but the money coming from it is still scarce. The eternal search for the killer app is still on. And with these new handsets the consumers will be have access to same services without the use of the operators 3G Network, when on a WiFi network. To add to it, voice revenues are falling because of more and more competition. 3G is fast turning out to be the fallback option.

With mobile WiMAX and WiBRO on the horizon, things will heat up even more. The possibility that the 3G services might never or sparingly get used is very real.

When that happens the Telco's will go bankrupt.

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Via: MoCoNews.

Update: Japan on the other hand is reveling on 3G services.

Tags: Nokia Sony Ericsson WiFi WiMAX WiBRO 3G
posted by Rajiv, 5:40 AM


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