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The First MoMo Bangalore Meet

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This Monday was a bit special for us. We had the first Mobile Monday meet in Bangalore. It was held in the AztecSoft's office in Koromangala and was attended by exactly 19 people. We started off with a brief introduction of the concept of Mobile Monday and proceeded to discuss the technology and issues behind Mobile TV. It was a free flowing discussion and we wandered off into various topics related and unrealted to mobile's. For a start, it was a great experience to meet everybody there and share thoughts and opinions. The Flickr photostream is here. DNA Mumbai had a brief news article about our efforts, thanks to Raghu!

Going further we are planning to form a founding committee, get a website, wiki, blog and formalize the whole process. Mobile Monday has proven to be a great forum for sharing knowledge and the premier events in Helsinki and Silicon Valley are heavily attended by startups, multinationals and telco's likewise. We intend to do the same and invite anybody and everybody in Bangalore to present talks at our forum. Hopefully we will generate enough interest to make this one of the best technology events in Bangalore.

Needless to say, membership is open to everybody who is a mobile enthusiast. Pls. join the Yahoo group for the time being and watch out for more action here.

Rajan's Post is here. Arun's MoBlog can be found here.

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