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The 802.20 Soup

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two articles from ITWire and Red Herring analysing the reasons and implications of the temoporary suspension of the 802.20 working group by IEEE. The 802.20 is also known as Mobile Broadband Wireless Access and is heavily backed by Qualcomm. It is a challenger to Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) which is being favoured by Intel and others. Qualcomm is trying to push the FLASH-ODFM technology developed by Flarion, which it acquired, into the standard.

The suspension comes due to allegations of misconduct in the working group and would be in effect till 1st October 2006. The allegation include that chariman was paid by Qualcomm for independent consultation and several rival proposals from Intel were rejected by an QC influenced voting process. Very damaging allegations for a IEEE Working group. In common language they are known as bribery and horse trading. A very common practice in Indian Politics.

The IETF and IEEE working groups are heavily politicised and slow. So dont expect the standard to come out any soon.

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Update: ITWeek says that its only going to benifit WiMAX.

Tags: 802.20 MBWA Intel QC Flarion OFDM IETF IEEE
posted by Rajiv, 4:57 AM


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