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Battle Lines

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hindustan Times has an article examining the dispute between the two heavyweights of Wireless Industry, Qualcomm and Nokia. Right now the third round of the bout is on with QC accusing Nokia of patent infringement on GSM, GPRS and EDGE patents. It does not really clarify whether its for the handset or the network equipment. Nokia has in turn responded back by dismissing the case as one without merit. Nokia's suite of patents in this 2G is definately stronger than QC's.

The feud between Nokia and QC is gaining historic proportions now and is being followed keenly by observers. QC has already taken a tough stance and publically warned Nokia that it might not renew its licensing of CDMA technology when it expires next year. Nokia in turn has complained to EU about QC's unfair licensing practices. The Qualcomm Microsoft partnership to push Windows Mobile on QC chipsets has also raised the stakes in this game. The battles lines have been drawn. The ball is in Nokia's court now.

It also rasies an alarming spectre of QC enforcing its patents pertaining to GSM, GPRS and EDGE. With 3G yet to live up to its promise, the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America and Africa are pushing up a strong demand for 2G equipment and services. Given that perspective, QC maybe does not want to lose out on the royalties that can he harvested from these economies. I hope Huawei is listening!

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posted by Rajiv, 4:02 AM


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