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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

Vodafone's Music Service

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally an operator has decided to step into the music downloading business and challenge Apple's monopoly. Operators had completely ignored this particular market paving the way for iPods. Wonder what took them so long to figure it out. With the impending European launch of iPhone, this becomes more significant. Maybe the N95, with Vodafone's music store can be a competitor to the iPhone.

And IMHO it is a huge opportunity in India as well. Music phones are very popular in India and as is Bollywood music. Ringtones based on Bollywood music is already the biggest VAS segment in India. It would be the natural evolution to a music downloading service on the mobile phone. Plus the Indian Music Industry is much better than the likes of RIAA and MPAA. It is a vast untapped market. And to counter the low popularity of GPRS, you can always do sideloading.

It is amazing why there is no such service in India.

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Nokia vs. Apple

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some thing that i have been following for some time, Nokia vs. Apple. Here's wonderful analysis of it. With all the hype surrounding iPhone and iPods, not a lot of print or analysis has been devoted to this topic. But this has the potential to change the future of mobile computing. With mobile technologies getting more mature and the hardware getting commoditized, Nokia had to reposition itself. It decided to go into the Internet Services business and recently launched Ovi. This is the market which Apple currently dominates and had its sights on since the launch of iPod. Apple did see the impending challenge from Nokia which prompted it to move into the mobile phone business. Both of them are interestingly poised to take on each other.

Its going to be very interesting to see how these two fight it out.

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Google Reader Gadget

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Google Reader Gadget is one of the most useful gadgets on the Google Homepage. I recently ditched Bloglines for Google Reader and added the gadget to my homepage. Since then my reading frequency has jumped. I check out the feeds at least a couple of times daily. And I can selectively read the one's which interest me. With Bloglines it got to the point where the entries would pile up and it would take ages load. I gave up when after loading it used to go blank! The only thing I use it for now is blogroll for this blog. It would be just great if Google adds this functionality to reader as well.

And maybe my blogging will increase as well because of this. :)

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