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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

Cisco WiMAX Acquisition?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unstrung reports that several divisions of Cisco is looking at WiMAX. Does that mean that Cisco is pulling out its big fat checkbook once again for the WiMAX companies? It would be likely if Cisco greenlights WiMAX. They have previously taken the public stance against it. But if they change their mind, they will be the second heavyweight to do so after Qualcomm.

In other news, Clearwire's spending on WiMAX is predicted to be in excess of 4 Billion this year. Same for Sprint Nextel. Given that much of money being poured into WiMAX gear, it is not surprising that companies start looking at that market. That would mean only good times for startups since none of the big guns have anything ready for market yet.

Good times for WiMAX.

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Youth and Entrepreneurship

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whats age got to do with entrepreneurship you ask. Here's a nice article explaining how the Bayesian advantage works for the younger entrepreneurs. And in my personal experience I have seen this working out. This also explains, why the hottest companies in the valley are founded by very young people just out of the college.

Over the last year, since I left my regular job, I have come across a lot of entrepreneurs. And in my mind I have made a classification of sorts. People around 35+ go for low risk ventures and younger ones do the opposite. The age factor has everything to do with it. Since you are young, you can take bet a few years of your life chasing a dream and still not lose much if you dont make it. If your idea was really revolutionary, you stand to gain a lot. Its a gamble only younger people can take.

Besides, it much more fun exploring the unknown. :)

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Mobile Vs Fixed Internet

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A very nice post on the mobile vs fixed internet access by Dean Bubley. His blog is a must read for anyone tracking this space.

The predominant view in India is that the Mobile Internet will dominate the Fixed PC based Internet. The explosive growth of mobile phones is often cited as a reason for it. The shenanigan's have been touting the mobile platform and it is one of the reasons why Mobile VAS is such a hot segment these days. Mobile VAS seems to be the way of bridging the gap between the Fixed Internet and Mobile Internet. Adapt a service from the web on to the mobile and mint some money.

The contrarian view to it is that the heavy duty work will always be done on a Fixed PC connection. The mobile broadband services in India do not provide the same experience that a Fixed Line, 256 Kbps based internet access does. Which makes the user go back to doing the real work when online. Even if the mobile phones match the capabilities of computer, it will be difficult for this generation to change their habits and switch to a mobile based platform for all the work.

Which leaves one big question: what would be the preffered access method for people who have never experienced internet? How will they look at Internet, how will they use Internet? Should we even bother to get them on Internet? I have been thinking about this since one of our speakers in Mobile Monday events, Dr. GV pointed it out.

What should be the focus of Mobile VAS in India? Bridging the gap or providing new services which are one generation ahead of the internet.

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