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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

Post Mortem

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The first phase of the FOSS Startup Camp is over and I am back in Bangalore. AFAIK this was the first such effort by any Governmental Organization. NRCFOSS is doing some good work in taking Open Source to colleges and students. They are also looking to incubate businesses' which can help in training, sustaining and maintaining the Free Software products that the colleges and universities are looking to adopt. Its a good business opportunity for people already in or looking to start a Free Software Business.

The camp was organized as a series of speakers one after the another. Some of the speakers were brilliant; especially the one given by T T Srinath of TTK Industries. He had an aura about him and his talk was very inspiring! Others were equally good, R Ramkumar of Gemini Communications had an infectious energy about him. The single minded belief in Free Software of Abhas of DeepRootLinux, Vardhan of Evolution and Rahul Sundaram of Fedora was visible. Even Prof. Krishnan and Hari (who organized it) appeared to be dedicated to the cause.

The devotion of the participants was questionable though, as expected. After all we were all there to learn about it! But having some hardcore lug'ers would have surely livened up the proceedings. I was personally more interested in the experiences of people who have been doing it for a living and their learnings. And I picked up some good tips and and made a lot of contacts.As per the first rule of business networking, I've invited them all to my LinkedIn network!

All in all a good experience. Looking forward to the next phase now.

Some general observations.
  • Travelling in Buses and Trains saves a lot of money. Have to adopt that method now in Bangalore.
  • 2 Tees and 2 Jeans are not enough for a five day trip to Chennai!
  • Nothing better than free fooding and lodging for an entreprenuer. Saved me at least 2000 bucks!
  • Entrepreneurship is a quite old thing in India. Not restricted only to Software.
  • Getting up at 8 is very tough!

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posted by Rajiv, 6:34 AM


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