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UWB Update

Friday, June 23, 2006

The WiMedia alliance backed by the Intel seem to be winning the Ultra-Wideband war going by the article published in EE Times. It reports about the Wireless USB conference being held in California and about the products being displayed there. It seems to be getting a lot of traction with several silicon and application solutions being showcased. Even Wipro is on the list offering IP solutions!

Wikipedia gives a nice background on Wireless USB. The technicals aspects of it are covered briefly in this article. The IEEE working group on UWB standardisation was finally suspended due to warring factions of WiMedia (Intel backed) and UWBForum (Motorola backed) and regulatory issues. The last time it made news was when Freescale had pulled out of UWB forum to pursue its own version of Cable Free USB on Direct Sequence UWB. But isnt Wireless USB gunning for the same thing on MB-OFDM?

Regardless of the squabbling, UWB is going to be one of the technologies to look out for in the next decade. A lot of money to be made there.

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Update: Mobiles with UWB could be available as early as Q3 2006.

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posted by Rajiv, 6:32 AM


More informations and news about WUSB the new Certified Wireless USB standard based on the WiMedia UWB plattform, you can find on our website.

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