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UMA Demos

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Dual Mode WiFi GSM phone has been demonstrated by Nokia in the ongoing CITA Wireless trade show. The technology behind it is Unlicensed Mobile Access or UMA. Its a set of specifications for protocols between the UMA Network Controller (UNC) and the GPRS core network elemets such as SGSN, MSC, AAA and HLR. It has now been integrated into 3GPP and is a part of it. But it does not use SIP and cannot interwork with IMS. Although its being touted as a stepping stone to IMS, its incompatible with IMS's philosophy of all IP based services.

But as this demo proves, it is workable on a 2G system. And with the WiFi Networks proliferating the demand for interworking of current GPRS network with the WiFi Hotspots would increase in the near future. Already some MVNO's have deployed proprietary system for this. And till the transistion to 3G happens and when IMS is fully in place, this system can meet the demands of the market.

But in the end it does create somewhat of a qundary for the operators. Go for UMA or transistion directly to IMS? Its the customers who will ultimately decide which telcos. move to UMA. Good times for the consumer.

Via: Slashdot.

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posted by Rajiv, 4:10 AM


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