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Google God

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I had a revelation today. I was using Gmail to setup a meeting with an acquiantance. Google of course knew about it and to my surprise it decided to help me out and set up a meeting event in my calendar. That technically speaking is the Gmail and Calendar integration, one of the major features of Google Calendar. But personally speaking, thanks to Google I felt how would it be like to have an assitant someday. You can just bark some orders and things will get done. Search for an contact and it will give you the number. Ask for coffee and it will come. We'll almost!

I got more intrigued by how they managed it. They must have gone through my mail and seen the word meeting. Then they must have decided that an helping hand would be most appropriate. The technology behind it would be simple enough I guess. But maybe someday it will become a full fledged AI machine. Someone who is your constant companion, helping you along with day to day work, finding relevant information for you, giving you directions and doling out advice when needed. Something like Google Personal Assitant. Now compare it to the AI machines that you generally see in Sci Fi movies. Pretty similar huh!

Google , God!

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posted by Rajiv, 10:55 AM


ther's no offence.. or cynism.. but just a thought
what if the google's policy gets a little modified over the years

/*Dont*/ be evil ??!!!

Said Blogger Vinod, 6:26 AM  

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