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MoMo Bangalore

Monday, May 22, 2006

First came the Blog Meets. Then the Half Marathons. And then the Barcamp's. And now its the turn of Mobile Monday Bangalore. Yours truly and Rajan have conspired to setup the Bangalore chapter of Mobile Monday. For the uninitiated, Mobile Monday is a monthly meetup of mobile industry professionals to discuss, promote and network. It is quite an informal gathering of willing enthusiasts. If you have ever read Russel Beatie, you would know about it. And pls. do not confuse it with the delicious Tibbetian dish.

So when and where? We'll traditionally it happens on the first Monday of every month. But nothing's been decided yet. No wiki and no website yet. Since this was cooked up today morning (and since then I have been sleeping) not much progress has been made as well. But we are looking forward to large participation. After all we being in India are experiencing this boom first hand. Our perspective can add a lot of value here.

Comments? Suggestions?

Watch this space. And this as well.

Update: The yahoo group is up and running. A wiki is on the way as well.

Click to join MoMoBangalore

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posted by Rajiv, 4:50 AM


Good work. Invite me to the next MoMo meeting. I would like to attend.
Said Blogger Sujai, 3:10 AM  

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