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DVB-H In India

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doordarshan, the old gaurd of Indian Television Industry has announced plans to introduce DVB-H in India. It is in talks with Telecom Operators and plans to provide its digitised content using DVB-H. So now you can watch the soap operas on your phone instead of squabbling for the control of remote. The only problem is, anyone hardly watches DD. With the advent of Cable Television in India, it has fallen far beind the Star TV's and Zee TV's of India.

DVB-H is a modified version of the Terresterial Broadcasting technology (DVB-T) adapted to the Wireless Telecom Network which brings the Television content to phones. It is expected that the mobile phone will replace a lot of things that we use today, the PC, the TV, the music players, etc. It would eventually morph into a personal entertaintment hub from the communication tool that it is today. DVB-H plays the part of bringing TV content to the phone.

Phone TV technologies, DVB-H, MediaFLO and ISDB-T are relatively new. Its still under the trial phase and going live in few places just now. And there are skeptics to this technology. It is also a big part of the Qualcomm's gameplan. India generally lags behind in adoption of new technologies, especially telecom. 3G still is under consideration from TRAI. The spectrum needed for DVB-H falls in the 3G band and unless 3G policy comes out, DVB-H wont see the light of the day. But still this is a step forward for DD. At least it will have the first mover advantage.

Maybe one day it can regain its lost glory, as well. Unexplainable things have happened before!

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Via: MoCoNews.

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