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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A very nice primer from IHT on the everything Wi. As per IHT WiBRO trail happened during the Winter Olymipcs in Turin. Sounds like a very hush hush thing since neither Telecom Itialia nor Samsung actually did any publicity of it. Is there a need to keep WiBRO that secretive? There's nothing secretive about the Korean trial but.

Seems that WiBRO enabled mobiles are also slated to come out once the sandard is finalised. And there are already some sightings of it. And Qulalcomm's seemingly wants to embrace it with a fallback option to EVDO or CDMA 2000! Not to mention the OFDM patents (acquired from Flarion) its trying to push in the standards as well.

So are the 3G telecom services, all the EVDO's and HSDPA's, supposed to play the second fiddle?

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posted by Rajiv, 2:09 AM


WiBro is big in Korea. Its not secretive. Its widely known - and extensively promoted by Samsung, LG, SK Telecom. Beceem (presence in Bangalore) is making chipsets for this. So does Wavesat.

WiBro is one of the many profiles offered by WiMAX IEEE 802.16e. It was a political game in the standardization bodies, where in Beceem, Samsung, etc, wanted to ensure WiBro becomes de facto 802.16e while Wavesat, and others made sure it does not. The result is a compromise.

Therefore, one can be 802.16e compliant and still may not offer WiBro (they will not implement this profile).

There are devices from Samsung and other guys available for WiBro- it is deployed and has already achieved mobility (at speeds of 70Kmph).

Japan may embrace WiBro as well- NTT Docomo invested big time into Beceem.

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