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Wireless Utopia

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gollum has resurfaced to reclaim its precious! For starters, GOLLUM is an link layer API standard for Wireless Devices. It is meant to provide a standard set of API's which the third part OEMs (the chipset providers) can implement and to be used by application developers. The intention seemingly is to target WCDMA devices although it will also supports WiFi and WiMAX standards. RUNES which stands for Reconfigureable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded System uses the Gollum framework.

The point to note here is that its primarily a EU driven project, where GSM is the predominant wireless technology and standardisation level is very high. This project takes the standardisation one level higher, into the embedded device itself. If successful it will open up the mobile device platform, which is headed for a major war. MS wants to replicate its desktop success here as well and has been pushing hard on its Windows Mobile offering. Thats also a reason why it support this project as well.

But it will be the support of the chipset majors (TI, ST and QC) for it to succeed.

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Tags: GSM WCDMA Windows Mobile TI Qualcomm
posted by Rajiv, 4:42 AM


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