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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

Charge of the SIP Brigade

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Aswath informs us that the bosses at Cisco have announced that SIP has been embraced. With IMS taking over the the 3G core network functionalities, SIP is being touted as the new age protocol which will be used to initiate all kinds of mulitmedia sessions. Its ironic that the telcos who came up with H.323 at the first place have chosen SIP, an IETF protocol. Generally all the telecom protocols are ASN.1 compliant and follow TLV format. SIP on the other hand is a text based protocol. There are no numbers associated with the message elements. The entities talk to each other in a human language, American English to be precise (color, not colour!), whereas the machines actually understand only 1 and 0's. A new approach altogether.

Its only the begining of machines moving away from the binary system. As they evolve, they'll form new and effecient mechanisms of dialouge and one day become our overlords.

Update: The article in question is now linked by Memorandum. A day late!

Tags: Cisco SIP H.323 VoIP IMS
posted by Rajiv, 11:51 PM


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