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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mike at Techdirt links to two fascinating articles on mobile content. Consider this following statement.
"In South Korea, the Economist reported recently, you can walk into a cafe, read the menu on your cell phone, order two cappuccinos, pay electronically and transfer the receipt to your phone bill."
South Korea and Japan are two markets which are way ahead in terms to 3G and even 4G technology adoption. Vodafone recently quit from the Japanese Market selling its stake. It simply could not compete in these markets. If rest of the world follows suit, its evident that mobiles will become the personal hub for the next generation. The mobile phone will become the ubicomp. No wonder Microsoft is pushing so hard for its Windows Mobile and the Origami Project.

It will be interesting on how other three contendors, Linux, Palm and Symbian perform.

Update: Seems like Motorola has something similar already in the works.

Tags: Mobile Content 3G Windows Mobile Origami OS Linux Palm Symbian

posted by Rajiv, 1:13 AM


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