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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIM has joined the VoIP bandwagon. The Blackberry can now support VoIP calls routed through an IP-PBX via SIP. Its another addition to the dual mode WiFi/GSM phone. But discounting the cost advantage, the call quality on a packet switched network is still pacthy. Till the internet can provide full QoS support they are likely to stay that way. Until then the circuit switched network which was designed specifically for voice traffic will still be the preferred choice. The basic functionality of a phone is to do voice. Till the 2G networks are around, they'll be in use.

A fully IP enabled 3G network with a voice quality comparable to the 2G network is currently the Holy Grail of 3G. Nobody knows how good its going to work out!

posted by Rajiv, 4:14 AM


yes the technology is still not matured enough, but hope in the future we can see very usable dual phones.
Said Anonymous Venkatesh, 8:04 AM  

the standards will be revised to solve every problem encountered.. there's nothing very impossible about it though. it will be an interesting pahse when the deployment happens. all the prototypes, the models etc. will be thoroughly tested.
Said Anonymous Rajiv, 8:31 AM  

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