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Robson and Linux

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Intel unveiled its next generation laptop platform based upon its dual core chips. With AMD snapping at its heels, and its customer base, Intel had to come up with something superior. Its a new approach where NAND Flash based storage will be used to speed up the boot up times. This technology is already used in Mobile Phones. The cost of NAND memory is the prohibhitive factor but. Sequential access is another problem area.

But such an architeture would be suitable for a microcontroller based OS where the kernel resides in the flash memroy and the rest of the apps in the hard drive. Its a perfect fit for uClinux.

Update: Video of Robson in ZDNet. Via Digg.

From this year's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, CNET's Justin Jaffe gives a first look at the new Ultra Mobile PC.

read more | digg story

Update 2: Intel is also doing WiMAX now. Since they wont be supporting 3G yet, this would give a good boost to WiMAX. Via Wired.

Pervious posts on WiMAX. Mobile Routers. Promise Of WiMAX.

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