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Nokia vs. Apple

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some thing that i have been following for some time, Nokia vs. Apple. Here's wonderful analysis of it. With all the hype surrounding iPhone and iPods, not a lot of print or analysis has been devoted to this topic. But this has the potential to change the future of mobile computing. With mobile technologies getting more mature and the hardware getting commoditized, Nokia had to reposition itself. It decided to go into the Internet Services business and recently launched Ovi. This is the market which Apple currently dominates and had its sights on since the launch of iPod. Apple did see the impending challenge from Nokia which prompted it to move into the mobile phone business. Both of them are interestingly poised to take on each other.

Its going to be very interesting to see how these two fight it out.

posted by Rajiv, 3:07 AM


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