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QC vs Sprint

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ars Techicna points us to another big patent battle for QC: on OFDMA patents this time. Sprint Nextel has till now not heeded to QC's claims that it holds key patents for the technology around which WiMAX (and all forthcoming 4G one's) is built upon. QC has a good war chest for these kind of situations and will be more than willing to go the whole hog. Going by historical data, it might just win. That will be one big blow to WiMAX.

The other interesting point to note is the sour relations between Sprint Nextel and QC. Sprint is one of two big CDMA based carriers in US and they both were partners at one point of time. Legend has it that Sprint's EVDO network was all because of a short trip to San Deigo. Things started to go bad when Sprint decided to go for WiMAX for its 2.5 GHz spectrum. QC had pitched for Flash OFDM.
QC it seems is still looking for its pound of flesh.

Tags: WiMAX, Qualcomm, Sprint Nextel, Patents, OFDM, 4G.
posted by Rajiv, 10:50 PM


I think this story needs more buzzwords and less content..... oh wait. nm.
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quite interesting.. :)
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