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Reliance WiMAX

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yesterday at the Barcamp, someone mentioned that Reliance has been running a trial of WiMAX with speeds upto 2 Mbps in Bangalore, for consumers. It was hard to believe for me so I did a bit of digging. And sure enough the Blogosphere has some news about it. Unfortunately the Reliance Website has nothing. But on the above post someone has posted a number which can be called up. So if you are looking for Broadband and no one in your area is giving out any, then call Mr. Thakrunath at 98863 49624.

Tags: WiMAX, Reliance Communication, Broadband, Bangalore, India
posted by Rajiv, 6:58 AM


In fact I spoke to this people. This sound funny. Currently they do not provide the City wide roaming. What they told that they will put a microwave antenna (You can imagine how bad micro wave antennas for health... If you do not know, let me tell you it bad... very bad) at your Balcony and you can get one wire in to your house to get internet. This is not WiMAX.... Only difference is it can have better speed in comp to 1X CDMA data card or GSM Data card. Nothing else....
Said Blogger Sudipta, 11:53 PM  

hey dude - I am gonna try it out :-)!
Said Blogger Vinu, 12:41 AM  

Wimax is now available in Bangalore. And yes, this is not mobile and the reason for this the technology is still not available in mass...

So one of the best idea of using Wireless Broadband is to give broadband to people who are in non-feasible area and using dial-up internet connection.

For more information, pls mail to mktg.reliance@gmail.com

Said Anonymous Anonymous, 9:49 PM  

I am a Reliance WiMax user from Pune. The speed is really very good but the service is pathetic. As with all the Reliance services; the actual "Reliance" is seemingly nowhere involved. Everything is outsourced and the so-called channel-partners have no technical knowledge. So, think twice before opting for the service
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 2:22 AM  

Hi I'm from Pune and recently got subscribed to Reliance Wimax service, the speed is really good but the service is really pathetic. The installation was done after a long delay and the technical team was incapable of handling Windows Vista and this caused further delay. The first week after instaalation I wasn't able to connect to internet and the technical team didn't respond to my calls and finally after a week I got the response that there server in Mumbai had some problems and this was after I threatened to terminate there service and go for alternative one. Right now I'm getting a download speed of around 60 to 100 kbps which is damn good and you can enjoy movies online without any delay. I hope Reliance improves there customer service, this would be the best in broadband
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 1:40 AM  

Hi, I have recently moved to Pune and palnning to opt for Relaicne Wimax serivce, tho I am not sure about the services but the only thing that is promtping me to take it low installation cost, incase I dont like it I can change it with out a second thought.
I will keep you updated once I get the connection
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 2:01 AM  

Currently Wimax is in its second phase of deployment which offers fixed and nomadic services. Although some developed countries already deployed mobility features for it.

In Pune,one service provider,Reliance, already rolled-out its Wimax services but as i read the thread of its subscribers, it seem that it is not yet ready in terms of technical support because they lack knowledge and duno what they were doing if costumers seek their assistance.

I am not against this ISP but as a customer,we have the right to be helped if we need their assistance. How can we subscribed to Reliance if they cant helped us at all cost in times of trouble with their services.

They should improve their services first before they gain the trust of their customers!!

I've a 2mbps wimax connection from reliance @ bangalore. As far as it is working, I'm extremely happy with the speed. Generally get around 1.5mbps. But once you have a problem, 'reliance' is the last word that the support team can offer. Nobody is trained on solving basic problems over a phone call.
all they are is 'extremely sorry for the inconvenience'
Great technology with poor customer service does not make a great pair.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 12:09 PM  

I have taken a Reliance Wi-Max connection last month, in the last 30 days it has worked only for 10 days, that too for few hours, customer care Sucks, bunch of illeterate monkeys. it has tarted working now after doing a regular follow up with the technical guys, they keep on changing the Antennas directiob, without any good results, people think twice before opting for the service, keep it as the last option.....
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 6:00 AM  

I just got a wimax connection @ BLR.The powers that be @ my layout are very fond of bsnl and have ensured a monopoly by ensuring no other service provider is allowed in the layout.So I got tired of bsnl promising upto 2 gig(only 364 kbs in reality).having heard the scary stuff I am going to keep bsnl for some time.
Said Blogger vio, 3:34 AM  

I wish to subscribe to the Reliance Wi-Max service in Pune. Any pointers as to whom shall I contact would be useful
Said Blogger Ribhu, 11:03 PM  

For Pune:

tel no. 32314615
mob no. 9270422002

A person called Sharma with an office in Baner can help. He's a Reliance agent.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 3:06 AM  

Beware of Infospace Technologies
(distributors of Reliance Wimax)
I bought a Reliance Wimax connection from these guys. They promised me a connection in 2 weeks after collecting money from me, but were unable to do so saying there was no tower near my house in BTM Layout, Bangalore. However I ahve been asking them for a refund and they are not paying up!!! So guys please do not pay any money to these people in advance and get cheated.

Here are two more numbers for Bangalore:
98867 98895 & 99800 62800.
I liked the plans that they have
Unlimited plans:
150 kbps - 750
300 kbps - 999
600 kbps - 1799

Limited plan:
2Mbps - 750 (limit of 2 gb)
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 5:22 AM  

Well I've applied for a Reliance WiMax connection 3 weeks ago. I still dont have any info about it. Noone called me UP. The outsourced firm called RELIABLE Connections is really pathetic when it comes to following up
Said Blogger Jackson, 10:13 PM  

so hows does wimax really work? is it like wireless internet all over you city?

hii guys,

i am living in blr .. plannin to take up this wim max service.. if u guys tell me more abt this service then i can decide and go for it.. since in my area only sify and reliance broadband service is only availiable..how is the speend if i go in for 2 mbps for 4 gb download limit in wimax..
Said Blogger Ashvin, 8:52 PM  

I am in Bangalore, Electronic City Area .. got the Reliance Wimax installed yesterday after a long delay..
actually i paid the installation charges around 5 weeks back..and no response ... The thing is that Reliance outsources most of these things to third parties..in this case some 'Incite Tech' was involved.. So, I wrote a strong mail..and then the next day the installation guys showed up..
But the wait was worth it...the speed is amazing..I have downloaded 2 movies till now..within 24 hrs..and my download counter is ticking..But yes..the only issue is mobility..but lets wait for that as of now.
~ Prashant.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 2:41 AM  

Hi... i applied for reliance wimax 2 weeks ago in b'lore, amount has been debited from my account, but still no response from them. Can u pls give me customer care number for blore.. the person who collected documents is not recieving my call.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 12:52 AM  

Their billing sucks even more .. .

I have written about it on my blog here

Please be very sure before taking this connection

Hey sudipta, Microwave radiation is only as bad as your cellphone. No radiation is good or Bad, it is the power output that makes it Bad. And no, this is not the kind of KWs of power like your microwave oven or the Large Microwave towers used for Telephone exchange connectivity. WiMax is not really mobile in the true sense. You should be able to take it to a different location and set it up like the Satellite DISH. Currently ISP's provide a WiMax-Wi-Fi combination to provide true mobility. You will have issues with Line of sight etc. with Wimax, but once operational, it should be OK. I agree with everyone on the Sick reliance service.
Said Blogger BJ, 9:54 AM  

I am another victim of Reliance Wimax.Aplied for the connection more 1.5 months back and got it finally last Friday after a lot of calls made to the dealer (during one call they said the customer requested for a cancellation so not done the installation).the speed was poor (2 Mbps /4GB was my scheme) ,it just disconnect in between downloads making me to redownload it again.but from Monday onwards the connection got completely stopped. I lodged the complaint on last monday and was given a complaint no:.I called on Wednesday again as no one shown up.Then I was told that my call is found closed in their system(!),and given a fresh no:.again on Thursday when called another promise that on Friday somebody will make it.On Friday evening I called again and I insisted the call to be escalated and wanted to talk to the manager.After holding for 20 minuets somebody else pick the call and I got the same promise again that some body will attend it soon. Now I have given them time till tomorrow noon and if nobody shown up,I will terminate the connection. I have the airtel pillar in front of my house but patient for the wimax connection because I wanted to encourage the new technologies. I expected some technical difficulty as this is a new system but expected that somebody will take care of it too.But now I feel ,I shouldn’t have opt for it.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 6:38 AM  

I want to try that out for sure. I just got wifi from this company thats cheap and reliable. If anyone is interested check the site out: www.t1-t3-dsl.com
Said Anonymous john, 6:18 AM  

hi guys,
I am from Bangalore. I took the wimax connection from reliance. The service is pathetic.
Please don't go with the Reliance Wimax connection.
There DHCP server will be down some twice or thrice in a week (I have experienced it). Apart from this, there is some serious problem with their instrument (indoor). If you call their customer care, they will give you a call report number. There after you keep on calling them. Every time they will say the same thing, "We will look into the matter".
I am tasting the same thing for last 4 days and no action has been taken.
So guys, I will advice every body "NOT TO GO WITH RELIANCE " .
Said Blogger naveen, 12:17 AM  

Hi , I suggest you please don’t ever go for Reliance Wimax Connection. I applied for the connection one and half months before. After spending so many hours shouting at the Reliance people they finally got the connection done four days ago. But what connection Man?? I dint get the experience of so called Wimax till now.
I called up the customer Service and then the same thing continues!! Reliance Customer Service SUCKS!!!
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 9:22 PM  

hi friends... m looking for a reliance wifi connection in my area(Vishrantwadi, Pune).But i dont know whom to contact..?. is there any online forms available... ?
The nos mention the the forum trail is not working....can any one help me on this .. ? .. :-)
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 2:07 AM  

Correction - hi friends... m looking for a reliance WIMAX connection in my area(Vishrantwadi, Pune).But i dont know whom to contact..?. is there any online forms available... ?
The nos mention the the forum trail is not working....can any one help me on this .. ? .. :-)
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 10:29 AM  

Hi all,
Please do not use this connection, It is shit and services are pathatic, I have take a connection and for the past 15 days i'm calling to the customer care talked with various agents and also more that 4 floor supervisors and also to the nodal officer but still there is no help. So guys please be aware of this connection.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 1:04 AM  

those looking for wimax connection in mumbai and pune can call harshal shah at 9321538139 for sales

I got my WiMax connection two months back and when it works its really good.
for the most part the speeds been around the 600 kbps range but the last few days i'm only getting about 150 kbps.
besides this like others mentioned they've got terrible customer service. i'm just glad i understand the service and can fix most issues but my parents have a really tough time getting it to work if its down.
also getting it to work on all my computers at home using wifi and wired (through a router) was a bit of a problem at first but its working properly now (i've set my routers physical address to my computers address).
i'm all for this connection but reliance really needs to make it more reliable and improve the customer service. A smaller indoor wimax router wouldn't hurt either :)
Said Blogger SiD, 2:28 AM  

I am the victim of Reliance WiMax in Pune. I was overjoyed when I saw the deal of small install time and no wiring hassals with moderate install cost. But soon it turned into nightmare since the uptime was hardly 20 %. They have serious problem with tower signal strength and the connection is higly sensitive to antenna orientation. So it hardly worked for me. My patience finally ran out and I threw them out one day. Their customer service sucks big time and there is big disconnect between guys who sit in central call center and franchisee in your place who hardly care for the customer. Its a very good example of good technology going waste due to bad implementation. Man.. Reliance has some serious problem of unreliability in everything they do these days.. they know how to lure customer.. bribe politicians and flood the market with deals and make tonnes of money.. a classic downside of rapid growth without worrying about fundamentals.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 10:36 AM  

Hi i am from Pune.
As you all know the Marketing and Sales has been outsources to 2 vendors.
There is a daily add by both in Times of India (Pune).
There are 2 plans
155 Kbps Unlimited Rs750-Pre M
400 Kbps Unlimited Rs1000-Pre M
Installation 500 diposit and 500 for modem.
The 155 sucks but 400 one is ok
Download speed upto 40-45 Kbps.
There are some tech issues
some service issues but as we know in india we never enjoy realiability.

I myself have tried sify, Airtel, (one more i forgot the name).. and now setteled for TATA thats giveing Good service for last 18 months (400 Kbps unlimited 1000 rs) download spees 50 Kbps avarage.
Said Anonymous Anupam, 2:40 AM  

I paid the money on 02/09/2008 ( Sales Executive Sagar ) : 9970580321, he told I'll get the connecting within 4 days but maximum 7 days, after the seventh day he started telling me that there is a shortage of units and then after some days he stopped answering my call, then switched of his phone now his cell is never in coverage area 2) I contacted the office where I met him, the watchman told me to meet his (Sales Manager) Pradip : 3033 2341, Pradip said ( Sales Executive Sagar ) : 9970580321 works with swamidham +91 9730476003 and I haven't got the connectin because there is a shortage of units 3) Swamidham told me contact (Sales Manager) Pradip : 3033 2341 with all the receipts and since there is a shortage of units he will help you 4) (Sales Manager) Pradip : 3033 2341, gave me the ( Work order number ) WO : OMBB200809057282730 and told that I'll get the connection soon and told to contact (Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9370553627 / +91 9730476003 02/09/2008PAYMENT : 13000013151159
Rs. 562 (Five Hundred and Sixty two only)
02/09/2008 cheaque # 511707 of ABN AMRO
(Sales) Sagar +91 9970580321 who took the cheaque
(Sales Manager) Pradip : 3033 2341
WO : OMBB200809057282730 5) After continous reminders from me to them I got the call from (Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9370553627 / +91 9730476003 04/10/2008Subscriber ID : 368008807110Service ID : 1300001315115000002
WO : OMBB2008090829468Field Engineer : Datta Panchande 04/10/2008 02:45PM(Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9370553627 / +91 9730476003 6) The connection worked very fine for one week then, Complaint # 79000173 (Limited or No Connectivity), then Maintainence +91 9373594809 came to my place and told that the unit has not been setup properly by (Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9370553627 / +91 9730476003and they will complaint against them and get the unit set up properly soon and also told me if possible you (Pramod) can just set the unit properly by yourself, all you need is a ROD to give support for the unit so that it does not move 7) The connection worked for two days after they left from there and thenComplaint # 80486476 (Authentication Failure) > Vishal (Customer care executive) told me that I'll get a call within 24 hours, it's been about two weeks I've been calling them 3-5 times a day and they just take my contact number. 8) From past one week they are saying that the connection is not been activated ever before and to contact the people who gave you the connection 9) Non of the given phone numbers are answered. (Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9730476003 answered the call and told that he is busy and to send me the service ID number and contact details, I've saved the message the SMSFrom that day non of the given contact numbers are workingCustomer care says no records of Subscriber ID : 368008807110 , and to contact (Sales) Sagar +91 9970580321 from whom I took the connection 10) Sagar +91 9970580321 from whom I took the connection, his number is not in service11) (Sales Manager) Pradip : 3033 2341 says its not my concern12) (Unit Setup) Swamidham +91 9370553627 / +91 9730476003 says contact Sagar or complaint against him to Pradip who says its not my concern 13) All the number's and names mentioned in this e-mail are not helping me Customer care numbers : +9120 3234 4040, +9120 3033 2298, +9120 3033 1637,
(Toll Free) 1800 3000 7777,Got number from internet 9321538139, person told to call Customer Care and ask for
CSM (Customer Sales Manager) Mr. Manoj and tell him 020 30331322 I This bastard never picks the call

Customer care says that the they don't have any records of me and also no setup unit

Now let me see who will come to collect the unit when they don't have it in their records

Pramod R ShitoleWanowadi, Pune : 40
973 001 4186
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 7:59 AM  

Hello everybody,
I was looking to have BSNL 3G/Wimax service in PUNE and came across this topic. When we talk about the private players as its seem from thread, they take us on ride.
In true sense Wimax, which is 4G should be even more mobile than 2G or 3G. But shockingly its based on fixed dish antenna.
I have also seen speed demo for BSNL EVDO which was in speed range of 180 to 230 kbps(dl) upload was 30 kbps(too low), with varying evdo and IX CDMA signal. Only concern was high fluctuations. Which I never get on my broadband. Luckily I have BSNL franchise to serve and no direct BSNL(though he has nothing to do with broadband - he only serves phone, but remarkably he installed it in 15 minutes of contact).
My primary aim to be on EVDO was to get reduced bill for unlimited usage to 650 (even with roaming) from stationary connection and charge of 750 from regular broadband.
So I think there is nothing wrong with BSNL regular broadband. Where one can get speed like 32kBps(256kbps) download and even same upload(helps when larger uploads) But not mobile!
BSNL EVDO still better than counter parts as their charges are very high and roaming also extra.But recently from the BSNL website bsnl.co.in , I learnt that they are increasing rent from 650 to 999 for unlimited usage. Which is still lower from others but now costlier than their own unlimited home plan 750.
Frankly speaking about the private players front end is good, and rotten back end. BSNL is bit reverse but improving with something called vigilance dept.
Said Blogger ritesh, 3:41 AM  

Hello friends,
I have started using broadband in 2001. The connection was from HUGHES, in India it was from Primus(some delhi vendor) But speed was awesome even stayed stationary at 352 Kbps for some hour and touched 500 kbps in days of dial-up connections.Now its run by sify(very tightly regulated).
At that time I was thinking to do even this business and when inquired with reliance how they give 144kbps on mobile(old dhirubhai scheme), they replied its splited in 50 users, so if 10 people online, what you get you know.
Just to cut it short short this business is of bandwidth,higher the number higher you earn.But there is significant difference between private and public player in terms of total bandwidth capacity.
In INDIA with limited choices, we never seen T1 connection which is used by public in advanced countries. They are so clever they use router on single connection to share within multi user. Good time mobility yet to come! Just wait and watch.
Said Blogger ritesh, 4:08 AM  

That's is exactly what I am going to ask. How does wimax really works? I hope that you could be able to answer our question. By the way, thank you so much for the post!


Order taking services
Said Blogger Danielle, 2:20 AM  

Please let me know WiMax dealer in Baner/Balewadi. Also let me know what is installation charges and deposit if any.
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 12:09 AM  

Thanks for sharing information.
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*141*1# 60 Minutes Option 1 - Unlimited Facebook+Twitter. Option 2 - Unlimited Whatsapp +Twitter.

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