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Facebook Crap

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I finally have to admit it: I have not been able to figure out Facebook. No, not their business model. But what to do with it. I am on it and so are a decent amount of friends. But I hardly ever go beyond the home page. I see all my friends adding all sorts of applications, running quizzes, giving each other gifts, reading fortune cookies and whatnot. They seem to be having a good time.

But somehow I fail to enjoy it. None of the apps are really interesting. Or useful. To be frank, some of them are downright childish. Fortune cookies, comparing likes and dislikes. Who has the time for these things. And how do people find the apps in the first place. I hope they are not googling for it. That would be a nice irony: the supposedly Google killer is being helped by Google.

I am too old for this. Orkut (and its new look) is the one for me. At least I do some eye candy surfing there. :)

Tags: Facebook, Orkut, Stupid, Social Networking.
posted by Rajiv, 7:01 AM


Please notice what an other person said today on the same topic:

Jeff Pulver: Social Communications. A way of Life for me.

But I am more on your side. I am afraid that Jeff is wasting lots of time.

allow me to disagree.
You are right, there is a lot of crap in facebook, but if you use it right you can gain both business and personal gain. I wrote about it here - http://pravdam.com/2007/08/22/my-facebook-tips-and-tricks/

completely agree with you... I could never understand the fun in facebook other than just keeping the network, but then Orkut does much better job at that... feels more spacious and personal :)
Said Anonymous raj, 9:41 AM  

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