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Five Things to Enjoy For A Entrepreneur

Friday, April 20, 2007

Life's tough when you are a struggling first time entrepreneur. You dont have credibility on your side, people throw up questions for which there are no answers and to top it all, you are completely broke. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. Here's my top 5.

  1. Traveling in the rush hour in these. They kind of feel like home these days!
  2. Enjoying the freedom and expressing it with a overgrown beard and a ponytail. Not to mention repeating the same set of clothes until you cannot stand them. :)
  3. Answering the question "so, where do you work?".
  4. Sleeping in the office before an early morning meeting after you've spent the night working.
  5. The first cheque from an investor/customer. Amazing feeling!

Its an amazing experience. Much better that I hoped or dreamt it would be.
posted by Rajiv, 8:38 PM


:) BTW with the ponytail u look like Amit Verma
Said Anonymous Vinu, 2:02 AM  

First, let me wish you good luck to realise your dreams and become a successful entrepreneur.
I really like the point "enjoying the freedom'. We have lots of freedom in terms of the hours we work, the kind of work it self, sleep when you really wanna have a cup of coffee and so on...
when we are at our boring day job we have less freedom and we become a working machine eventually.
I have started a small web design studio just before 3 months after quitting my well paying day job at one of the Indian IT giants.
Fianlly Oh yeah... the first cheque/payment really amzing experience.
Said Anonymous Chandra, 2:50 AM  

Hey Rajiv,
Well said...Growing a ponytail won't suit me but beard definitely would.Also,as you have pointed out Bus is one of the favourite places where you can hang out :) At least you see many people are with you.

As you have pointed out,answering the same question "Where do you work" becomes a problem..Though I have not started working full time on my project,but I have experienced one thing,hell lot of people would consider you a fool,would laugh at you,may be your GF would leave you...But I follow one line "I have to do something to prove myself right,rather than proving them wrong" :)

(Blogger at http://thoughtsprevail.blogspot.com)

Rajiv!!!!! Congrats on your first Cheque dude!!!!

Way to go... Now, get the product rolling. Your "Early Technology Adopter" is waiting!!!

when you will start shipping the product ??

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