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Missing VC Ecosystem

Saturday, July 22, 2006

An article from Business Week on the various aspects of Venture Capital has promped this post. The VC's are a much hated creed amongst the Enterpreneur cirlces. They simply refuse to listen, think that they are the last word on business and can put in the crucial word with others on you. The VC's on the other hand think of entrepreneurs as naive about business and out of tune with the market requirements. But both of them cannot do without each other. Finally its the entrepreneur who brings money into the VC's coffer.

In India right now the VC ecosystem has not really developed yet. Not many are there in India in the first place and all the big names are based out of the Valley. There is a big dearth of early stage investors as well. One of the most crucial elements of the ecosystem, the Angel Investors are also missing. The older generation of entrepreneurs came out of the manufacturing or the retail industry. Even some of the VC's are also from the investment banker backgrounds. Not many are ex-entrepreneurs. That leaves a void for startups in India who need early stage capital to get their product out and rolling.

Things are looking up but. A lot of attention is focussed on India at this moment. Hopefully things will fall into place soon and we will see some really bold plans getting funded.

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posted by Rajiv, 6:49 AM


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