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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its all over the news today. MobiTV has raised a whopping 70 million in Series C Funding round! Given the market predictions for Mobile TV everything in this sector is pretty hot. But still raising this kind of money needs a lot of capability. Given the amount of returns VC's look for during investment, MobiTV must make billions in 3 to 5 years. Could pretty much come true.

But before that happens, it could get acquired by someone. And GigaOM not so subtly points us to who might that be. Makes sense. QC has its own big bets on Mobile TV and MediaFLO. It has been aggresively marketing MediaFLO but it hasnt really overtaken the market yet. With antagonism against QC rising because of the high royalty charges and a general trend of open standards based technologies, it had to happen.

Acquiring a startup to push its own technology would change the game big time though.

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Tags: MobiTV QC MeidaFLO DVB-H
posted by Rajiv, 2:55 PM


its $ 70 Million not 700

corrected. at least someone reads my blog. :)
Said Blogger Rajiv, 4:20 AM  

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