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A New Nokia

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Forbes goes behind the scenes in the Nokia Developer Conference to find out more about the state of things at Nokia. And the scorecard looks very good. It almost gushes at Nokia. The sucess of N Series is a foregone conclusion and Nokia is set to dominate the Smartphones market. The market itself is as big as half a million devices per year!

The recent moves of the new CEO's have earned a lot of praise. Nokia is the second biggest player in the infrastructure and equipment market. But that used to contribute around 10% of its margins. That has been spun off as a seperate division now along with Siemens. In the CDMA market it was a bit player and it chose to walk away from it.

And now its ambition is to dominate the Smartphones market and content distribution. A aggresive positioning.

Update: Motorola is giving Nokia a serious run for its money.

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posted by Rajiv, 5:09 AM


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