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Google Puzzle

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Google PC rumor is doing the rounds once again. A few months ago blog circles were rife with speculation when it was revealed that Google was talking to Wyse. Wyse is a Thin Computing company which manufactures Network Computers. Network Computer is one of those technologies which has a lot of promise but none of the implemtations till date have been able to make a mark. Apple, SUN and IBM have all tried and failed. But with the advent of an web based applications and broadband networks, they are again making a comeback. It more commonly known as Thin Clients.

Another more talked about Network Computer in the news is OLPC or the sub 100 $ laptop. Google is already a sponsor for that project. Its a hard disk less, low power consuming, mass produced educational computers intended for kids in poor regions. An MIT Media Lab experimental project which has galvanised the imagination of many people. Converting it to a handheld device targeted to corporate executives, something like Blackberry but way more powerful, wont be such a hard task. Not surprisingly there has been suggestion that Google would just rebrand it and sell it as a Google PC.

An ultra mobile low cost network computer specifically optimized for access to Google's services would be a compelling product. Most people already are hooked on to Google Search and Mail. The only missing peice in this scheme would be a free broadband connection. And Google already has shown interest for providing free city wide WiFi connections supported by ads. And they have also bought dark fiber. And they are in the process of building an web based office and home productivity suite.

Looks like the peices of the puzzle are slowly falling into place!

Update: More analysis from TMCNet.

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posted by Rajiv, 2:18 PM


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