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On To Fedora

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I finally finished installing Fedora on my machine today. It was supposed to be a breeze, but it turned out that FC5 does not support ATI Radeon Graphics card and my comp unfortunately had it. After a lot of Googling and losing more hair I was able to successfully install the Livna drivers. But that too didnt work. The monitor just started rebooting whenever I tried to start the X server! Finally moving back to generic Vesa terminal worked. I dont plan to use any games on it so I guess thats okay.

But now that I have done it, I genuinely feel that there is a lack of information on the web about it. I am sure a lot of people have experienced it, but havent bothered to put it up. So here goes.

My system has a Intel D101Ggc mother board with a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card. Other configurations are usual. Notably in Fedora Core 5 the support of propreiteray drivers have been removed . So during installation the driver was detected as radeon and the xorg.conf was populated as such. But when the xserver started, the screen just hung. Nothing worked, not even ALT+CTRL+F1. So I had to install the linux in text mode and manually go and change the Driver in xorg.conf to vesa and disable SELinux before it started working. No 3D Acceleration but thats okay. If you need that then you need to install the fglrx modules from Livna.

Happy Linuxing! It does feel good to be back.

Tags: Linux Fedora FC5 ATI Dirvers fglrx
posted by Rajiv, 11:52 AM


I have heard (not experienced) that a "Ubuntu" distribution of Linux is pretty good as far as installation is concerned. You might try that.
Said Anonymous Amit Saha, 2:14 PM  

I tried Ubuntu as well. But the Live CD failed to recogonize my monitor itself. Something's woring with the Radeon driver that I have.
Said Anonymous Rajiv, 1:31 AM  

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