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Microsoft Qualcomm Partnership

Friday, May 05, 2006

The latest win for Microsoft in its big Windows Mobile push. Information Week reports that Microsoft and Qualcomm have agreed on a partnership to provide Windows Mobile OS on QC MSM chipsets. QC is the leader in CDMA mobile chipset market and has a wide range of MSM chipsets already available for UMTS and HSDPA mobiles. Microsoft stands to gain a lot from this partnership.

The interesting bit of information is about the availability of BSP and a Radio Interface package.
A new Board Support Package and Radio Interface Layer for the platform will be offered in its Windows Mobile platform in the future, Microsoft noted.
This is something new. Generally its the mobile manufacturers who integrate the protocol stack with the chipset firmware. Now with Windows Mobile, they will be provided as a package. Makes the life of the manufacturer a bit more easy as Microsoft will garuntee that the physical layer works fine with Windows Mobile. Neither Symbian or Linux can boast of this.

QC and MS are natural partners. Both of them have a very IP centric business model and both have been pioneers in their own respective feilds. But given the history of Microsoft, maybe they are just aiming to swallow up QC. Time shall tell.

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posted by Rajiv, 4:43 AM


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