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DVB-H Launches

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The first DVB-H service has been announced by Vodafone. The subscribers of SkyTV who own a Vodafone connection will be able to watch the Football Leauge Playoffs and the Cricket series on their 3G handsets. Its comes right after the announcement of availablity of commerical DVB-H handsets from LG and Samsung. The 3G service has come under quite a lot of criticism from several quarters because of its low adoption amongst the users. This could see the adoption jump. The passion of club football in UK needs to be seen to be believed!

DVB-H is an evolution of the DVB-T standard which is used for Terresterial TV broadcasts. It is the adopted standard for mobile TV in UMTS. The competing CDMA world has MediaFLO which is being promoted by who else, Qualcomm. QC is in the process of launching the service and has already bought the necessary spectrum for it. The MediaFLO is QC's next big gamble. Its betting big on the Mobile TV market. If successful QC will morph into a Media company from the technology company its right now.

Both of them will be watched closely by analysts. Nobody is sure whether it will adopted widely or not given the small displays of mobile handsets. All market research points that the potential market is huge. But they said the same about 3G as well! It will be interesting to see the results.

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posted by Rajiv, 2:22 AM


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