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Open Source Web

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Newsweek has finally woken up to the new meme in Silicon Valley with a detailed feature on the Web 2.0. All the happening name's of the Web 2.0 companies, MySpace, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Del.ico.us etc. find a honorable mention in it. It acknowledges the fact that the technology behind Web 2.0 essentially has been there for quite some time; its spreading because of the necessity to improve the user experience. More importantly it points out that the its more of Live Web where user generated content is the key driving factor. And its the users who organize the information via tagging so that it can be easily found by others. The Wisdom of the crowd plays a crucial role here.

Fundamentally this concept is central to the Open Source movement. It leverages upon the collective wisdom of the community in decision making process and takes in contributions from anyone who is willing to provide it. The Bazaar, as its called, provides all the richness and value that an OSS software provides. The Open Source model has been applied to other fields as well and the Web 2.0 is also just another example. What we are witnessing is a movement which will change the way we use and perceive internet. Something similar to what OSS had done for software in general.

The Web is definately opening up.

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posted by Rajiv, 4:55 AM


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