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Whats In A Name?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lucent is Dead! Long Live Lucent! The name has not been decided yet but Lucatel is doing the rounds. I personally feel that it sounds like the name of a gangster. Alcacent is much better. But then it does not sound like a Telecom giant at all.

The rumor also has it that Huawei and Nortel are going to merge next. That would be a toughie to name though. Huatel. Norwei. Or how about NorHua. More options at least in the case.

The next in line would be one of Ericsson and Cisco. Or Ericsson and Juniper. Horror of Horror's. Juricsson. Or Ciscussion. Or EricJun!

Reflecting on the Lucent and Alcatel merger though, it is a very good deal for Lucent. Lucent has been on the verge of turning around since past one year but has never did. Maybe this will give them the much needed push over the hill. It should be viewed more as an aqcuisition though. Although Pat Russo is still the CEO, it has all been Alcatel's show. Would be nice to see how the wireless business is merged. There are too many competing products there.

I would personally love to see some Indian Service companies acquire some multinationals. Maybe some years down the line. Or maybe Tantra will do it one day!

Update: Om has coined a new term. LuLa.

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posted by Rajiv, 7:21 AM


Hmm, Indian services company buying multinationals might not be too far away:


The optimism strikes out in what Tata said, "And you ain’t seen anything yet. Says Alan Rosling, executive director of Tata Sons, the Tata group’s key holding company: “So far, what we have seen are a few billion dollars of deals. It’s nothing. What we a likely to see in the future would be bigger and bigger deals. It’s the natural progression of Indian businesses coming of age.”

Said Anonymous Amit Saha, 9:25 AM  

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