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Notepad Journal

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Got to know about this cool hack for MS notepad. I have heard about MS Word and other hacks but this one is really useful. Follow these steps.
  1. Open Notepad, enter .LOG in the first line and a Carriage Return (Enter).
  2. Save and close it.
  3. Double click and open it.
  4. Notice that Notepad has taken the pains to add the date and time and place the cursor at the next line.
  5. Write down your entry followed by a CR.
  6. Repeat the process.
A nice virtual easter egg from Microsoft.

Tags: MS Notepad Hack
posted by Rajiv, 3:59 AM


That was a nice tip. I looked up the Notepad help page and it is actually the first help item (adding logs) when one looks by 'index'. Does this mean that people do not use notepad too much to actually write something as opposed to using it occasionally to read some .txt files ?

Said Anonymous Amit Saha, 7:36 AM  

oh shit.. i thought it was undocumented! so sad. i thought the microsoft guys are also creative. how stupid of me!
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