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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Qualcomm's promise is finally being delivered. The EVDO Rev B modem which can match speeds of a fixed line DSL is in the works. The funny thing is, there will be no operator support till at least another year and the standard is not even published. Verizon Rev A deployment is at least another year away and there is no word of the development of Rev B starting yet.

But still Rev B is an ambitious protocol. It uses multiple carriers on a single terminal to provide more bandwith. In Rev A the average throughput a stationary user can get is around 700-800 kbps. With Rev B the user will be allocated three carriers each with that capacity, thus increasing the bandwidth available. I have not heard about any other telecom protocol which takes this approach.

The marketing spin on this one is even more impressive. The data rates promised should be taken with a pinch of salt. They are for a stationary user in a multicarrier environment on a good RF condition. You need to get lucky for all the three together.

Compared to UMTS, the competing HSUPA is still does not have any such multicarrier support. Another advantage for EVDO. WiMAX does promise DSL like speeds for a stationary user though. Qualcomm is not a big backer of WiMAX. As obvious from this marketing pitch.

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Update: ABI Research paints a bright future for EVDO.

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posted by Rajiv, 3:40 AM


On a related note, it seems Intel is working on the "Unwiring Pune Project" in which Intel plans to use WiMAX (Intel is of course a big and active supporter of WiMAX) and WiFi to do so. Similar projects are also being planned or being acted upon in Karnataka and Uttaranchal.
Said Anonymous Amit Saha, 9:13 AM  

Even CDOT has a centre in Chennai which is working with Alcatel on WiMAX solutions for India. Its a pet project of Dayanidhi Maran!
Said Anonymous Rajiv, 11:58 PM  

The EVDO B modem isn't going to be out for more than a year. I just got DSL. It is fast and the company I receive service from is reliable and at a low cost. Here is their site: nationwidebandwidth.com
Said Anonymous john lee, 11:57 PM  

Oops, i typed the wrong html code, here is the actual site: click here
Said Anonymous john, 12:05 AM  

OOPS again LOL, i typed the wrong address. here it is: click here
Said Anonymous john, 12:11 AM  

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