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DOrA Skype

Monday, March 20, 2006

A news item announcing the Rev A capable cards for Sierra Wireless. Its pretty intriguing since these cards depend upon Qualcomm MSM chipsets for their functionality. Sierra basically is just into packaging business. But Qualcomm chipsets are not slated to come out till the first quarter of 07! The networks wont support full Rev A functionality till the third quarter of 07. In fact the standards for EMFPA required for VoIP over DORA has just been finialised. I guess what is missing in their release is the fact thats its only partial support for RevA.

So dont just expect to run Skype on your EVDO enabled laptop yet!

Update: Novatel announces its own version. Something is missing here. If the network is not going to be ready till fourth quarter of 07, why release these cards?

Tags: Sierra EVDO VoIP Qualcomm Skype
posted by Rajiv, 10:08 PM


We have been using Verizon's EVDO NationalAccess for over a year now and use Skype and MSN Messenger's voice and video applications all the time. We're not waiting...
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 6:13 PM  

wow.. how's the performce? We know that EVDO Rev0 can support VoIP and Video app's but latency and delay will be too high in it. That was why Rev A was designed in the first place. :)
Said Blogger Rajiv, 2:06 AM  

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