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Confusing Report

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Motorola recenlty relased a report on the impact of 3G mobile voice and data services. The report itself is pretty exhaustive with case studies and seeks to illustrates how adoption of these services change the behaviour pattern. The overall outlook is very bright in the report which is expected since a lot of Morotola's investment has gone into 3G.

But now the same report is being used to downplay 3G as well. Its bascially a copy of the press release of Motorola which has been altered to highlight the negatives. Although the report has been much publicized, nobody yet has come out with any summary conclusions of how good or bad the impact is going to be. It has just added to the already existing confusion in the market.

The jury will be out once the 3G adoption outgrows the 2G penetration. And the revenues increase. Till then keep guessing.

Update: More positive analysis.

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posted by Rajiv, 8:37 AM


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