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AJAX Homepages

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An article in ZDNet about the various Portlet/AJAX/Flash based hompages currently in news. The questions being asked are which ones are going to survive. I tried out each one of them and frankly speaking none of them have given me a reason for to switch from the Google homepage. I like it because of its simplicity and RSS feed support. All my daily list are on my homepage.

But one is really surprised by the number of such services. Netvibes for example. In comparison to Google it offers no requirement for signing up. And thats it. There are others on the list, Protopage, Homepages, Goowy are noteworthy. The only answers one can think of is, if each person alive in this world would have to have an homepage, then it thier prefererences would be distributed amongst the srevices as per the Bell Curve. Its just that big players will be at the top and the niche players at the fag end. But till they are there, they'll enjoy a market share.

Is there a market for it anyways? Not if you cannot display ads on them!

Tags: AJAX Web2.0 Google Yahoo Netvibes Protopage
posted by Rajiv, 11:42 AM


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