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VoIP In India

Monday, April 21, 2008

I conducted a session on VoIP in India at BCB6. The focus was the legality of VoIP in India and what can be done about it. VoIP is regulated in India and interconnections between a VoIP network and lanline/mobile network is not allowed. The primary reason is to protect the monopoly on International termination fees/rates. The security issue is more of an excuse than a real reason.

The end result is that we as consumers lose out. We are not allowed the benifits of VoIP: lower tarrif, more services etc. And cannot create businesses around it. Any VoIP startup in India ultimately runs into the wall of legality in India. And VoIP is one of the hottest technologies out there today. It is disrupting the Telco business model and we cannot participate in it.

India is still in the stone age as far as VoIP is concerned. Our economy is growing fast and we are supposed to overtake US by 2050. If we do not sit up and take notice, then the status quo will remain. Join our discussion group and tell everyone that you know about it.
posted by Rajiv, 3:58 AM


It was definitely an interesting talk Rajeev. Personally, i learnt a lot and did enjoy a lot. Lets try to push more and more attention to this subject through the recently formed group and our respective blogs as well.
Also, it was equally interesting meeting you.
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Said Anonymous Vaibhav, 7:41 AM  

it was great meeting you too. looking forward to having interesting discussions on the list.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 8:06 AM  

"VoIP is one of the hottest technologies out there today. It is disrupting the Telco business model and we cannot participate in it."

Rajiv, is this really true? The state of Vonage, Sunrocket, and everyone who started off with VoIP are nowhere to be found - and this is in markets where VoIP is legal and open. Legality is just one part of the problem. The cost of media gateways to switch between digital and analogue networks, and everything that goes into it in terms of infrastructure is an unheaval investment nobody is interested in. Voice over GPRS is very flaky, and we are going to wait it out till Wireless broadband (or whenever HSDPA or LTE kicks in) can be delivered to devices.

That's a bit far off i'd say. No?
Said Anonymous Vijay, 9:52 AM  


For ever Vonage and SunRocket who are highlighted, there are hundreds more who are surviving and making a viable business out of it. VoIP Service is like Webhosting. Anyone today can do it. All you need is an Asterisk setup and some ready clients.

And you know the real story behind Vonage right. The Telco's want to kill off VoIP and hence AT&T sued Vonage for some ridiculous patent. The patent is so absurd that its obvious. But yes, they are correct to do so. Since VoIP is is a big threat to their business and they are just competing. The only problem is that its not a level playing field. Here we cant even compete, since the telco lobby is so strong that you wont even get noticed.

And I dont have to point out to you that 3G and LTE is built upon VoIP. The telco's are happy to use it to their benefit. But are not ready to pass it on to their consumers. Thats left up to VoIP services like Fring, TringMe and the like. We cannot even think of doing a VoIP based startup. Because the financiers dont understand technology and it being labeled "illegal" in India. Its high time we stand up for ourselves and do something about it. Rather than just take it in our faces.

Pls. join our group and lets carry on this discussion further.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 10:22 AM  

I have been living in INdia but I used magicJack from there and that workt great.
So I can recomend it if you live or going to india.
I bougt mine from voip marketing & Sales
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 2:55 AM  

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