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Wireless Utopia

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Call Graph Web Service Launched

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blogging has been very light lately. The reason being a) Twitter has completely taken over my urge to put my thoughts online and b) I have been busy with the Call Graph Web Service. Its called CRIMS: Call Record Indexing and Managemnt Service and its done. We have opened it up for everyone now. :)

The purpose is simple. It give you storage, sharing, search and transcription services for your Skype Calls. Here's how it works. You first sign up for the service, then download our Skype call recording client, associate the client with the your account on CRIMS and magically all your Skype calls will start appearing on the site. You can do various things with it after that, the most useful being search and generate transcripts.

The search is done through our keyword mining technology. We process the call record and generate a list of keywords for the call. The call is then indexed with these keywords. So if you used the word "Wireless Utopia" several times during a call then both wireless and utopia would become a keywords for it. Few months down the line if you want to locate this particular call, you just search for wireless and you'll get it back.

The transcripts are a bit more tricky thing though. The first pass is through a Automatic Speech Recognition engine. It processes the call and generates an output. Then we manually proof read the transcripts and correct all the errors. Right now the manual effort required is very high but we are hoping that as we improve the system we will be able to gradually reduce this manual effort.

Its important to note that we do try and protect the confidentiality of the call records. Even though its being heard by a person, we ensure that a single person does not go through the whole call. We use various methods to ensure that. Also, till you order the transcripts the call record is machine processed. So you have a control on which call records can be heard and which one's cannot be.

Apart from these, you can also choose to just archive your call records and keep them with you. Or share them with one click if you want to. We provide these services for free for the time being. Read up on our FAQ to know more.

I'd urge you to try out the service and let us know what you think of it. A lot of effort has gone into this and a lot more needs to be done. With your feedback and help we can surely improve it.

Tags: Call Graph, Recording, Audio Search, Transcripts
posted by Rajiv, 12:54 AM


are you planning to compete with Google's GrandCentral.
I mean they have this service ready. If they launch it in India.. I would think game over.

I'm not aware of GC's service. So wont comment on it.

However I dont think any such service exists for Skype today. So we have some headway. :)
Said Blogger Rajiv, 6:14 AM  


I'm an entrepreneur in the making. I'm studying at Babson College and my field of interest is wireless VoIP. To hear about the problems you have had in launching your venture would be interesting to me. If you would like to share your experience in that business, I can be contacted at kchecker gmail com

I'll share my information with you if choose to contact me.

this might interest you.

Said Blogger Rajiv, 6:40 AM  


infact I found your blog thru kamlashow .. so i read the article before i got in touch with you

i was hoping to get some more details about the problems you faced ..

Hi Rajiv,
I am using Call Graph and it rocks. It would be nice to have a Q&A on CallGraph for my blog...Would mail you about that later.

I appreciate your spirit ... ALL THE VERY BEST.

-Himanshu Sheth

thanks dude. check out the blog @ Call Graph as well.

Said Blogger Rajiv, 8:09 AM  

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