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OLPC Changes Track

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I have been a huge fan of OLPC. It's one of those revolutionary things which promises to change the lives of millions. I have blogged about it previously here, here, here and here. The criticisms kind of reminds you of Thomas J Watson's statement that there is a market of 5 PC's worldwide! New technologies always create controversy. OLPC just happens to be one of those ideas. After pooh phooing the concept both Intel and MS are trying their best to outmarket them now. That in itself validates this concept.

But as this story by BBC points out, the politicians are the last ones to approach if you are working on something which changes the status quo. Change is risk. And risk is the last thing they want to court. So it seems that they are changing their approach as per this report. Instead of talking the governments they are approaching HWNI's and other charities. They recently launched the buy one give one free program and it has generated orders for around 90.000 laptops. Which is a very good number in itself.

I for one would love to get my hands on it. It seems that the India team is doing a good job of it as well. The smiles tell the whole story dont they. I am actively seeking their contact. Would love to invite them to MoMo and hear about their experiences. So if you happen to know them, pls. contact drop in a line.
posted by Rajiv, 1:22 PM


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