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OT: Harsha Bhogle

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Harsha Bhogle's podcast.

If you love cricket and care about it, dont miss this. I am amazed at what this guy has achieved. Truly inspirational.

Few quotes.
When you are earning a lot, when you had too many possibilities in front of you, then you got more to loose. And actually you start to take fewer risks. Because what you have is very comfortable.
- On the young guns.
And you can never let the viewer down. Because the viewer is doing you a favor by switching it on. You're not doing the the favor by saying listen, you must be hallow because I'm in thy presence.
- On viewers.
I know the answer but I am getting it from a quality resource.
- On Geoff Boycott
The Australian cricket board is about cricket. The Indian Cricket board is about finance.
Tendulkar comes once in a lifetime.
- On Sachin Tendulkar.
I dont go to watch cricket matches in India. I feel the shame. I think its a disgrace to our cricket lovers who fund the game, that we put them up in such sub human conditions, its a disgrace.
Its an absolute disgrace the way we treat our spectators. And the reason is we dont care for them, absolute disgrace. Money itself is not a disgrace, but obsession with money is a disgrace.
- On stadium facilities in India.
I think he just buried his ego and played for his side. When he was a part of four bowlers his job was to run into the wind. And because he ran into the wind the others could bowl into the wind behind him.
- On Courtney Walsh.
Nobody, nobody has the right to come and throw stones at you because lost a cricket match. You didn't leak military secrets of your country, you didn't go and kill your countrymen, you played a cricket match that you lost. That is it. You talk about playing for India as a matter of life and death. I'll let you hear a stupidier statement than that. This is not about life and death. You are making fun of people whose job is life and death. Are you telling a jawan in Siachen that Yuvraj is playing for life and death. I mean its a joke. Our lives can never be compared to theirs. There's this guy in Siachen, there's this guy in the western border. He's been really looking at death in the face. We need to look at his life and say that all we are doing is playing a cricket match. You win a cricket match you go home. You lose a cricket match you still go home. You lose a war you don't go home. And I think we need to put cricket in perspective in this country. I think cricket gets way to much importance, far far too much importance. A lot of things said about cricket is stupid, because we have lost our sense of perspective about cricket. Cricket is a game, cricket is a sport, and that is it. At the end everybody goes home. And I think we need to understand that.
- On the cricket crazy Indians.

The passion comes out so clearly!

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posted by Rajiv, 1:16 PM


Hi there! Welcome to the Harsha Bhogle Fan Club. Not only was I pleasantly surprised that you linked us on your website, but, you actually took the trouble to make a transcript in the most crisp manner possible.

Good work and I am glad that you loved the podcast! Harsha batted like a prince, didn't he?
Said Anonymous Abhishek, 6:01 PM  

Yes he did. Comes out as a very reasonable, passionate and down to earth guy. Would be great to hear speak in person sometime.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 3:08 AM  

Hey Rajiv & Abhishek

I've been seriously contemplating a full-fledged fan site with galleries, downloads and whole lots of cool other stuff. I'd appreciate it if i had some hard core fans assisting me in this venture. You guys seem up to the task. What say?

Said Anonymous Anonymous, 3:15 AM  

Who's not a fan of this man(HARSHA).He stands for truth and say it quiet bluntly yet in way that 'll give other goosebump.i can say this because i had this oppurtunity of talking to this humble gentleman.
But thats not enough, i feel that HARSHA should come out and interact with his fan.Hope this 'll fall into ur ear and come true.
Said Anonymous Jitendra kmar singh, 2:04 AM  

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