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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

ThinFone: Our Product Blog

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We have just launched our product Blog. Here is the URL.


The idea is to document the process which leads to the Pilot Program launch. It's going to be a very exciting next few months for us. Join us in this journey. :)

And if you dont know what ThinFone is, dont worry. Once we are ready we'll tell you all about it. For starters, check out the website for an intro.

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posted by Rajiv, 1:07 PM


The blog seems to be broken.

Fixed. Its a bit slow right now. :)
Said Blogger Rajiv, 10:42 PM  

Congragulations man !

Btw I agree with Thejesh I could not leave a comment in the blog.
Said Blogger Rajan, 5:50 AM  

ok. lemme see whats happening.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 5:55 AM  

Seems to be a nice product.Have signed up for the demo ;-)

(Contributor to http://startups.in/india)
(Blogger at http://thoughtsprevail.blogspot.com)

cool. see you there.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 9:33 AM  

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