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Cameraphones and Privacy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

An interesting article on how camera phones have affected the us all. As it puts succinctly, it has launched a thousand jackasses! That is true if you think about its impact in India. Every now and then you hear the news of an MMS scandal which generally involves someone filming his partner and boasting about it to his friends and in the end it finally it lands up on a website. Having said that, some of them are really funny.

The troubling aspect of it all is the loss of privacy. We naturally have this urge to capture a pretty face or an important moment (the Kodak moment as it is called). With all the photo sharing and video sharing sites on the net, its trivial to share it with our network as well. I guess its okay as long as its a public moment. Things start getting bad when we do it without consent or for our own private moments. That in turn depends on our own perceptions.

The concept of privacy needs a urgent makeover I guess!

Tags: Cameraphone, MMS, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing
posted by Rajiv, 6:21 AM


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