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Sprint's Open Network

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It is said that contrarians always end up changing the world. They are the one's who bring in new ideas, some of them which go on to have a lasting impact. In the operator world, there are breakaway one's too. T-Mobile and Three are done it before with UMA and X-Series. And now its Sprint.

Michael Mace tells us about something unimaginable coming from an operator. Open Network, Open Devices, no contracts and embracing the open culture. Sprint is a desperate operator. It has been in tough times recently. With their back to their walls they are thinking about doing things which an Verizon or Cingular will never ever dream about. The plan as it sounds now is a winner. If they dont give in to greed, stick to just being a bit-pipe and allow users to use it at reasonable rates, there is no reason why they will not end up changing landscape. Users will flock to them in droves.

But a plan which cannot be executed is worthless. They need a strong visionary leader to execute it. Still kudos to them to at least thinking about it.

Update: GigaOm says that the debate is still on and the signs are not looking good.

Tags: Sprint, WiMAX, Open Network, Mobile Boradband.
posted by Rajiv, 7:58 AM


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