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EVDO In Good Health

Monday, November 20, 2006

Looks like EVDO is winning the 3G battle in US hands down. The major CDMA carriers, Verizon and Sprint Nextel have publicly announced roll outs of EVDO Rev A and Rev B and C are on the horizon as well. Rev B's major feature is Mulitcarrier support and Rev C is about OFDM on the wireless link. With all this traction, EVDO is firmly entrenched technology in the US.

On the other hand UMTS deployments have lagged behind and it will be some time before they can even match or compete with EVDO. HSUPA provides QoS and uplink rates similar to EVDO Rev A and are technologically quite similar as well. Cingular has plans to roll it out and but for it to become mainstream it will take at least two to three years.

All this bodes well for Qualcomm. It is a major player in both these technologies. EVDO is completely QC's and it has been actively contributing to HSPA technologies as well (which explains the similarities). Globally EVDO might be destined to be a niche player but it seems to be the testing ground for cutting edge wireless access technologies.

So, good news for QC after a long time. They did get beaten in the WiMAX game, but to their credit, they are still hanging in there.

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posted by Rajiv, 4:15 AM


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