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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.

Open Source WiFi Mesh

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fascinating stuff! It took hackers from the Silicon Valley to implement India's first WiFi mesh network project. The Dharamshala WiFi mesh is made up of Linksys WRT54G routers loaded with a OpenWRT and an implementation of OLSR. It includes over 30 nodes and serves around 2000 computers. It is integrated with Asterisk VoIP PBX and provides voice services using ATA's. Unfortunately in India termination of VoIP calls to local PSTN is still illegal. Hence the network is used only to terminate VoIP calls.

They are taking the wraps off this project at the Air Jaldi summit. RMS is going to be there. Some of my friends are going to be there. Lucky guys! It is a once in a lifetime chance for nerds, hackers and Open Source evangelists in India to meet their couterparts. A perfect example of how Open Source empowers local small communities.

Technorati Tags: WiFi Mesh, Muni WiFi, WRT54G, OpenWRT, OLSR, AirJaldi, Dharamshala, India, Tibbet.
posted by Rajiv, 8:32 PM


hey dere...waz pretty interesting 2 know dat a wireless network has been established....wold like to know in detail...
Said Anonymous Anonymous, 11:24 AM  

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