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Telco. Bashing

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I guess everybody must have read this by now. GigaOM nicely summarizes the content here. Put this in perspective with Mike's thoughts on the same topic. Even I have indulged in some. Nevertheless, there still no one who can guarantee the level of service a Telco. gives. You have to give it to them: they know how to make voice work. But voice is so so oldish. Can they repeat the same for data? I wont bet on it.

Still, Telco. bashing is fun. :)

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posted by Rajiv, 7:46 PM


Check original link, not working. There is an extra "T" to end of document.
Correct link

Said Blogger Rishi, 10:34 PM  

Thanks. Corrected it.
Said Blogger Rajiv, 11:47 PM  

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