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Mobile Music Wars

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another interesting battle is shaping up: Nokia vs. Apple. The turf is the music distribution business. It all started with Nokia's acquisition of Loudeye, a music content provider. Today Nokia has released plans of its own music distribution business. Users can sign up to a serivce in which David Bowie recommends his favorite tracks with a 30 second clip embedded. The users in UK and Australia can even buy the track if the want to. The Loudeye's system provides the backend.

Om informs us that Nokia's N91 will additionally have around 8 GB of memory. They are also introducing N95 and N75 as musicphones. Apple has some serious competition to its iPods' now. With 8GB of memory N91 will be a direct competitor to iPod apart from being a 3G phone as well. It had been speculated earlier that Nokia might want a piece of Apple's iTunes business. It was by far the biggest producer or mp3 enabled devices. In response Apple was rumored to be working on the iPhone.

The ball is now in Apple's court. Watch out for the next move.

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posted by Rajiv, 9:23 AM


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