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MVNO Queueing Up

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Content Surta informs us the MVNO's are gearing up to start off in the Indian Market. MVNO's are Telecom Operators who do not have any spectrum or license. They rent out the spectrum from someone who has bought it (eg. Airtel, Hutch) and provide premium services to users over their network. The Indian Mobile space has lots of space for such kind of operators. With the customer base expanding rapidly a market base has been created for high end users would be willing to pay for the premium services,. They would include customized handsets, more applications, better customer service, increased coverage etc.

Now we know why all mobile operators give sloppy services and still earn a ton of money. All the time they were creating this market!

Tags: MVNO India Mobile Phone Telecom Airtel Hutch Reliance

posted by Rajiv, 1:54 AM


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